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Behavioral Health Advocate, Licensed Counselor & Speaker

Leanna offers a comprehensive range of services crafted to meet the diverse needs of individuals.

Begin your journey back to being alive and whole!


Counseling Services

Begin your journey to balance and healing with me, Leanna Troesh, as your guide.

Together, we’ll build strong connections and trust, unlocking the potential for hope, work-life balance, and meaning in life. Combining old wisdom with new science, I provide personalized counseling and coaching to help you confidently face life’s challenges.

Guided by adventure, courage, honesty, and spirituality, we’ll navigate your journey toward holistic well-being and fulfillment.

My approach blends counseling, coaching, and energy healing to help you navigate life’s twists and turns through life. As a licensed mental health and addiction counselor, I use proven therapies, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and ancient wisdom, to help you break unhealthy habits and develop whole-life wellness.

Through mindfulness, accepting yourself, handling emotions, and improving relationships, I help you find yourself, grow stronger, and confidently face life.

Whether you’re facing any life transitions, such as having a baby, empty nesting, starting or ending jobs, marriage, divorce, moving, or dealing with loss, I’m here to address the imbalance, stress, burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm. I unravel the root cause and help you understand yourself better for long-lasting relief.

My mission is to support you in navigating life confidently, improving communication, and finding work-life balance. With empathy, expertise, and holistic well-being, I empower you to live authentically and find fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

As a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, I use meditation and spirituality to help people feel better through a profound healing experience.

With focused meditation, I guide you to let go of bad or negative thoughts and embrace positive changes, aligning with your true self.

Leveraging my coaching background, I help you build a positive mindset and mental resilience and achieve realistic goals.

Steps Forward: The Journey Back to Being Alive and Whole

The journey forward entails fostering genuine connections, promoting emotional well-being, and embracing vulnerability as a path to personal growth.

Through counseling, coaching, workshops, and advocacy efforts, I light the paths toward healing and self-realization.

Together, we embark on a transformative journey toward wholeness and fulfillment, guided by the values of adventure, courage, and honesty.

Counseling Services Details

  • Fee: The fee for 1:1 counseling services is $160 per hour.
  • The Rebecoming Project, LLC accepts private insurance at $160 per session.
  • We charge cash paying clients $160 per hour.

Insurances Accepted:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Montana
  • Montana Health Co-op
  • Cigna Health
  • Allegiance


Who Is Leanna Troesh?

Leanna Troesh is a dynamic force in motivational speaking, counseling, and social justice advocacy, mainly focused on mental health, substance abuse, and prevention awareness. With a career spanning multiple sectors, including healthcare, education, and government, Leanna is known for her passion, energy, and unwavering commitment to making a difference.

As a Licensed Addiction Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, accredited as an International Coaching Federation Life and Parent Coach, and a ThetaHealing Practitioner™, Leanna supports individuals on their journey to wholeness.

Combining easter-western and ancient-modern healing practices,

Leanna integrates ancient wisdom with modern science to help individuals tap into their authentic selves.

Her diverse services, including counseling, coaching, healing modalities, and speaking engagements, are infused with mindfulness techniques inspired by Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Rooted in adventure, courage, and honesty, with a sprinkle of love and a dusting of spirituality, Leanna empowers individuals and communities to overcome challenges and embrace holistic wellness. Her diverse background allows her to connect with audiences from all walks of life, inspiring them to take action and create positive change.

Drawing from her journey through addiction and recovery, Leanna shares her story with raw honesty and vulnerability, offering hope and encouragement to those facing personal struggles.

With over a decade of experience in community collaboration and a gift for forging meaningful connections, Leanna captivates audiences with her engaging presence and powerful storytelling.

Her mission is to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance abuse, creating a world where vulnerability is celebrated, and shame is eradicated.

Our Service Policy:

  1. No-Show: Our no-show policy states that we will charge clients who fail to attend scheduled appointments without providing prior notice the total session rate of $160 per hour.
  2. Credit Card Policy: We require keeping a credit card on file to secure your appointments and safeguard against no-show fees. Your card will only be charged in case of a no-show or late cancellation, ensuring the protection of your bookings.
  3. Late Cancellation Policy: We will charge clients the total session rate of $160 per hour if they cancel appointments within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

By scheduling an appointment with The Rebecoming Project, LLC, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the above policies. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines.

We look forward to working with you on your journey toward healing and growth.

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