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Smash The Stigma

Leanna Troesh

Motivational Speaker and Coach

Empowering leaders, communities, and individuals to break the silence on mental health and substance abuse stigma.


Unleashing Strength and Hope

Leanna’s inspiring journey over overcoming mental health and addiction.

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leanna troesh bio

Hello! I’m Leanna.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve dedicated years to passionately advocating for mental health and substance abuse awareness.

As our global community grapples with unprecedented challenges, including heightened grief, loss, and escalating mental health concerns, it’s essential to address these issues head-on.

According to the CDC, anxiety rates tripled, and depression quadrupled in June 2020 alone, highlighting the urgent need for action. Together, we can navigate these turbulent times and initiate positive change.

Invite me to speak at your upcoming event, and let’s spark meaningful conversations and inspire collective action.

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Look no further if you’re seeking a speaker who embodies remarkable passion and is deeply attuned to motivation, productivity, and transformative change.

My approach to speaking engagements is personalized and adaptable to suit the specific objectives of your event. I understand that each audience is unique, and I tailor my message accordingly to resonate with your attendees.

Whether your goal is to inspire your organization, empower key leaders, or energize athletes, I don’t just aim to motivate—I equip your audience with practical strategies to initiate meaningful change.

If you’re curious about how I can bring value to your event, I invite you to reach out. Let’s discuss how I can help you achieve your event goals.

Within minutes you will understand she is passionate about elevating people’s spirits.

“I recently attended one of Leanna’s talks. She captivates your attention with her personal life experiences. She has exceptional communication skills because she has a positive attitude that resonates with the crowd. Within minutes you will understand she is passionate about elevating people’s spirits.”

~ J. S.

I was impressed by her knowledge and the way she presented statistics.

“I was immediately drawn to Leanna as a human, as an advocate for people that are underserved, and as a source for mental health resources in our community. I was impressed by her knowledge and the way she presented statistics. Thank you for sharing her story and for advocating for others.”

~ Shacobia T

Leanna's Speaking Topics

Topic 1

Smash The Stigma: Awareness of Our Mental Health and Substance Abuse Post-COVID

According to the NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness), a stigma is when someone negatively views another person just because of a mental illness or substance use. This stigma results in shame, and those suffering fall into silence. Educating organizations, athletes, families, and communities about the stigma and the risk factors that could make one more susceptible to dependency or mental illness can smash the stigma and support others from falling into addiction or mental illness.

Greater awareness of mental illness and substance abuse supports an organization’s profitability, productivity, and efficiency. Teams aware of the risk and protective factors can build healthy habits and routines to promote health and well-being while achieving top peak performance. Communities will create strategic plans to implement community-wide messaging changes for youth and families.


  • Overview of the history around the stigma that has kept those suffering from mental illness and substance to fall into silence
  • Evidence-based strategies to reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors to improve health and wellness.
  • Breakdown of the characteristics, traits, and behaviors that lead to dependency
  • Approaches to establishing and maintaining healthy habits and behaviors
  • Tools to reduce stress and anxiety within your organization, family, or team.
leanna troesh speaking

Topic 2

Strengthening Protective Factors: Strengthen The 8 Domains For Whole Life Wellness

leanna troesh ready to speak

Our country is a society of independence, individualism, and capitalism. Being an entrepreneur, creative, and innovative. The work-life balance of the 80’s trend has left us all striving for something that doesn’t exist. We work hard, get married, have a family, socialize with friends, and have good morals, but it’s never enough.

We have been conditioned through political campaigns such as the “just say no” campaign, setting our standards in the judgment of right and wrong, good and bad. We label people by the choices they make and the paths they take.

These well-researched personal development strategies for whole live wellness will leave your audiences with tools to apply immediately to establish a life fully rather than depleted and exhausted.



  • Review the eight domains of the wellness initiative from SAMHSA
  • Discuss applicable tools to make minor key improvements
  • Identify, create, commitment to a measurable result

Topic 3

Mindfulness Practices For Productivity: Tap Into Brainwaves To Harness Energy and Work Flow Abundance

To make change happen in our life, we need to be aware of where we are leaking energy, time, and productivity. All things are made of energy, including our thoughts. Our thinking has a significant impact on our emotions.

And our emotions have a chemical link to our immune system through our central nervous system. Understanding the chemistry of our body, thoughts, and emotions allows us to use tools and develop skills to harness this energy to produce a higher quality of work in less time.

One of these tools is mindfulness, that proper meditation. When we can calm our thoughts, we calm our energy and produce better quality work. Learning a few simple mindfulness practices that can be done on the job, at home, in nature, or nearly anywhere at any time will produce a profitable business and high-performing athletes.



  • Review the chemistry of brain waves and the nervous system due to stress
  • Discuss evidence-based mindfulness practices for proven results
  • Discuss applicable tools to make minor key improvements
leanna troesh speaking on stage

She is a world changer by creating awareness of mental health and substance abuse.

“Leanna is a caring, loving, and supportive coach. She is passionate about life and creating a safe space for her clients and audience, so they feel loved, seen, heard, and understood. She takes time to listen and communicate her ideas.

She is a world changer by creating awareness of mental health and substance abuse. Her experience is invaluable; she never stops growing, creating, and elevating herself to the next level. She is mindful about every step she chooses in her life and has a strong grasp on how to step into the unknown with faith. She is an amazing teacher to others, and her passion is felt miles away.

When working with Leanna, you will receive support, love, and a clear path for your next steps.”

~ Nike R

5 Reasons To Work With Leanna


Leanna is full of joy, enthusiastic, excited, and understanding. She’ll make your team, and your audience feels essential.


Each event is tailored to deliver an impactful message to your audience’s challenges.


Leanna’s charm and charisma captivate the audience to inspire change.

Awareness of Our Mental Health and Substance Abuse,personal development strategies for whole live wellness,Mindfulness Practices For Productivity


Leanna empowers the audience with simple tools to apply immediately in the world with the concept, “if it’s to be, it’s up to me,”


Her message is compelling and powerfully delivered with an engaging presentation, audience interaction, videos, and a research-driven message.

“HOPE” is Leanna’s key focus.

Her wisdom is delivered from a beautiful place of empathy and compassion, as her personal work and life experiences have earned her a more than qualifying seat to help others and walk with them on their journeys to healing.”

~ N. & V. G., New Now Foundation

Who Is Leanna Troesh?

Leanna Troesh is a dynamic force in motivational speaking, counseling, and social justice advocacy, mainly focused on mental health, substance abuse, and prevention awareness. With a career spanning multiple sectors, including healthcare, education, and government, Leanna is known for her passion, energy, and unwavering commitment to making a difference.

As a Licensed Addiction Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, accredited as an International Coaching Federation Life and Parent Coach, and a ThetaHealing Practitioner™, Leanna supports individuals on their journey to wholeness.

Awareness of Our Mental Health and Substance Abuse,personal development strategies for whole live wellness,Mindfulness Practices For Productivity

Combining easter-western and ancient-modern healing practices,

Leanna integrates ancient wisdom with modern science to help individuals tap into their authentic selves.

Her diverse services, including counseling, coaching, healing modalities, and speaking engagements, are infused with mindfulness techniques inspired by Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Rooted in adventure, courage, and honesty, with a sprinkle of love and a dusting of spirituality, Leanna empowers individuals and communities to overcome challenges and embrace holistic wellness. Her diverse background allows her to connect with audiences from all walks of life, inspiring them to take action and create positive change.

Drawing from her journey through addiction and recovery, Leanna shares her story with raw honesty and vulnerability, offering hope and encouragement to those facing personal struggles.

With over a decade of experience in community collaboration and a gift for forging meaningful connections, Leanna captivates audiences with her engaging presence and powerful storytelling.

Her mission is to smash the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance abuse, creating a world where vulnerability is celebrated, and shame is eradicated.

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