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How do we heal a nation so divided?

Is there anything I can do as a single human to help heal our nation?

I was in a healing circle when I got word of the events that were taking place at our nation’s capital in January.  I received this information from other initiatives, healers, and mind-conscious individuals.  As I received this information I listened open-mindedly, with compassion, and acceptance of those who were sharing.

I could sense their feelings, emotion, passion, energy, fear, anger, concern, and worry as they were telling me of the historical events that were taking place.

I listened intently with curiosity which soon led down a rabbit whole of fear, terror, horror of what has come of our free nation.

How could this be?  How could our nation be so divided? We have put so much trust and faith in those that lead us.  How could they have taken us down this path which seems to be one of: no hope, no solution, no grace, no middle ground, no compromise.  

What have WE done?  WE the first word in our constitution.  This longest standing democracy that was established for us in the hopes of creating “a more perfect Union,… establish Justice, domestic Tranquility, with the blessing of Liberty and … Prosperity”.  

What has come of our lands, our home, our city, our people.  “We the people…”  I am somewhat responsible.  

No, I wasn’t involved with the events at our nation’s capital.  Yes, I voted for who I felt was best suited to lead us to prosperity.  
But am I somehow responsible?   Is there something I can do to help our nation… a nation divided?  

As I listened to my healing circle I asked questions, listened, validated their feelings, and took in the information.  I didn’t share my opinion or concern. The dark rabbit whole disappeared. So with this disturbing information with the state of our nation what can we do to help a nation so divided?

Is there anything I can do as a single human? The answer is YES.

Practice Staying Completely Present

Remain fully present.  To be present and share safe space with individuals takes practice.  I haven’t always been able to have this response.  I used to be very reactive and explosive. With mindfulness and self-awareness I have developed my emotional intelligence in a way to be able to find space in between stimulus and response.  When I receive information I center myself and wait to respond.  Sometimes no response is necessary.

Mindfulness is a stress relieving practice in which one becomes in tune with what you are sensing and feeling.  Where your emotions arise from and where the energy sits within your body.  It’s a process of being completely aware in the present moment. Mindfulness is a practice used for those suffering from anxiety or worry by tapping into your senses and bringing you back to the present moment.  So much of our worry, anxiety, and fear is of those things in the future.  All the “what if’s” in the world.

What if the Republican party takes over?
What if the Democratic party takes over?
What if we become a socialist country?
What if…?
What if…?
What if…?

To seek mindfulness and step away from the fear of the unknown, you can bring yourself back to your breath, observe thoughts as they come and go, and allow the thoughts to come in without judgement, just allow them to be.


Center Your Energy in Loving Kindness

In our healing circle we collectively used our energy to hold space with white healing light to share love, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness.  Individually and as one we can influence the collective consciousness of our nation and begin to heal. What do I mean by hold space?

Holding space is sending my energy out into the collective consciousness of the universe with a loving and peaceful energy.  As if in prayer or meditation.

I calm my mind, center myself in the heart with unconditional love.  I send that energy out to the universe with non-judgement, compassion, and peace. I can only do this if I am in the HERE and NOW. Fully present, without fear of the future or holding on to moments of the past.  I must be present.  I do not allow myself to fall into the trap of taking sides with a need to have my opinions be heard.


Show Allowance For Other People’s Opinions

I have opinions and I am informed through real news sources. I listen to others opinions without the need to put in my two cents, argue to have them agree with me, or judge them because they don’t have the same opinion as me.  Just as no one can say my opinion is wrong, who am I to say their opinion is wrong. Having a conversation with another person where one is not trying to convince the other to agree with them is an empowering, uplighting, and honoring moment of pure intent.

When was the last time you spoke openly and honestly with someone who did not judge you because you thought differently than them? Practice non-judgment with yourself and others.


Surrender To What We Cannot Control

It also doesn’t mean I condone certain behaviors.

Do I wish people would behave differently?  Yes.
Do I wish others would have an understanding that violence will not solve our problems?  Yes.
Do I wish people could accept others for having different opinions than them?  Yes.

We are different and we are made to be different.  It’s human nature.

Our constitution was built on the fact that we are human beings and humans have opinions and passions that will be different than others.  This is why we have checks and balances in our government. Our differences are what make us beautiful, diverse, cultured, unique, special, gifted.  No two humans are the same, we are all perfectly imperfect.

Surrender to the beauty of imperfection.  That statue of “David of Michelangelo” was a perfect piece of art sculpted in one moment of time, but the many mixes colors, canvases, mediums, brushes, and strokes of our world today is a living masterpiece. We all have a place in this magnificent world even with our differences. That is the masterpiece.

So we must rise above our differences.  We must practice tolerance, patience, acceptance, and kindness.  It takes willingness to practice these virtues especially if we don’t agree.


Open Our Hearts

How willing are you to let go of your control, self-righteousness, pride, or ego to just BE? How much is it worth to you to hold onto to those things? With practice we are able to hold space for the collective consciousness to feel love, peace, surrender, acceptance, kindness, gentleness, and forgiveness.

When we do
As a collective
We begin to take down our walls
We are no longer individuals
We come together
One human race
One nation


We will begin to heal.

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What is Mindfulness?

It’s the process of being fully aware of what is happening in the present moment.

It’s rooted in ancient Buddhist disciplines yet universally practiced by everyone. Expanded beyond spiritual roots, psychology, mental, and emotional well being. It’s scientifically proven to combat stress, pain, and illness.


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